What is No-Code?

How Visual Development is Changing the World

"No Code Required"

The term "No-Code" really means "No Code Required." We are a community of founders, makers, developers, and entrepreneurs that believe in a world where everyone can build an app or a website, no matter how technical they are.

Of course, we don't believe that coding is bad. Everything in our world today runs on code that makes our life easier. We simply want more people to be able to access the medium of technology.

"Knowing how to code should not be the barrier between being able to make or not." - Ben Tossel

Focus on the Real Problem

When you're not worried about what programming language to use, you're free to spend more time on the high-level thought work that you SHOULD be doing.

Abstract the Complexity

No-code solutions allow the experts to handle the technical details - just like paying for server space in the cloud instead of managing your own hardware.

Stitch it Together

Instead of having to build each piece of your system from scratch, no-code tools work like pre--made building blocks; allowing you to focus on the experience.

Perfect for Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs are "accidental developers," who find themselves hacking together a custom tool or spreadsheet just to get by.

The problem with an on-the-fly approach is that it's hard to maintain in the long run, and it's hard to train anyone else how to use.

No-code tools are perfect for this approach because they allow entrepreneurs to skip the technical work and start all the way at step 3, not step 0. We remove the technical complexity, but YOU still get to solve the creative problem.

Just because you CANĀ build something in a spreadsheet doesn't mean you should...

We're here to help you navigate the options.

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